Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tamati---we will miss you on TV--Thanks from all of us!

About 5 years ago, a young man appeared on our TV screens in NZ. His name? ----Tamati Coffey. Initially he was a bit shy but then he took control and his presence has warmed the hearts of so many New Zealanders. Very few people would have a hard word for this man. He started as a ‘weather man’ but it became pretty obvious that he has a special ‘presence;’ one that destined him to take a far wider role in the media.
Now, he pops up everywhere: on chat shows, New Zealand’s got Talent, just to name two. He is so loved by the kids if New Zealand. That infectious, cheeky smile; that compassion, all endear him to us. His growing confidence has taken him to a position where he must surely be looking at other ‘mountains to conquer.’
Tamati is going to the UK with his partner; his intentions generally unknown, but don’t be surprised if the land of his Partner, Tim, snap him up. He has stated that he is ‘tiered.’ No wonder. For the last five years he has been getting up at 3am and that must eventually takes its toll. He states that he wants to experience normality and who can blame him for that? I bet he will miss his dogs, but perhaps he is taking them.
Tamati has given something else to New Zealand. He is openly gay and was one of the first to get ‘legally married.’ Tamati’s openness and honesty have been a shining example to so many young (and not so young) New Zealanders to be themselves. At a time when there are still narrow minded people who put down those who may be different, Tamati has given hope that things don’t have to be like they have always been. For that, Tamati we thank you.
Please don’t be a stranger to us and know that you are in the hearts of New Zealanders.
Tamati---We will miss you!
Kia kaha, Tamati and Tim. Much love from all of us.


  1. So when are you getting legally married then Neil? It's not legal yet in UK is it in NZ?

  2. I look forward to seeing another fellow New Zealander on the shores of the UK, so will let you know when I do see him on UK tv???