Saturday, December 29, 2012

Selling household goods is a lot easier than selling my books!

Maybe I should give away a household item for every book I sell. Maybe my household items (now known as HI) can tell stories. Well yes, that is true---my HI can tell some fantastic stories. They have been around for many dramas in my life. Maybe I should sign them! I am selling my 'unwanted and unused (add the AS SEEN ON TV ONES) HI on Trade me ans SELLA. Of course my books are there too, probably feeling totally unloved. Maybe I should go into selling more HI and become rich. Then of course there are the questions people ask about my HI. I wonder if people read the adverts I place, because it's pretty damn obvious they havn't. I suspect the market for my books is a totally different one. Maybe I should write a book about selling HI and the lives they have led and the history they have witnessed. Hell, I havn't even had a drink! Now, where's that Bread Maker I won't be using after my Bariatric surgery!?

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