Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pakistan's Government has suspended the Polio vacination programme!

The Taliban has won, at least for now. The Pakistani Government’s suspending of the Polio Vaccination programme shows just how far the Taliban has managed to weave itself into the very fabric of society in Pakistan. That is incredibly worrying for this proud nation. What will the Government do from here?

They cannot give in to the demands of the Taliban. If they do, they are taking their country back into a dark past, where children will die or be deformed by this insidious disease. Surely there is a way of getting the vaccinations out to the children. Why not do it in army bases, or are they too compromised by the Talban? If the Government does not win this battle, then the country is doomed to become a Taliban dominated Sharia Law throwback nation, where opportunity to experience all that life offers will be determined by a few men with beards and a book.

That is not what the founders of this nation had in mind all those years ago when the ‘Partition’ occurred. Somehow, the people of Pakistan are going to need to wake up and see what is happening, and come together against the sad vision that is held for them by the Talban. Dig deep Pakistan!

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