Friday, December 28, 2012

New Zealand 100% pure---well no, we are only 80%

Ok, that is a bad use of a headline today in the NZ Herald but maybe it is a more accurate take on the real situation in NZ. Having said that, I would far rather live in our 'relatively' pure NZ, compared to most of the rest of the world. I also make the point that a large section of the NZ population is coming aboard to clean up our rivers, lakes and bays.  Yeah, we need to bring a lot more farmers on board too, re their claim that they are the backbone of our economy---that may be true but they contribute to the dirty inflow way-out of proportion to their numbers too, so they can't have it both ways. Yes, we depend on them, but not at any price.
Those companies wishing to mine our beautiful 'National Parks' should also pull their heads in. We will never be able to make the claim; 'NZ 100% Pure,' unless we address those two issues along with other little nasties lurking just out of sight. To the tourists with NZ as a destination in mind; come on down to the 'land of the long white cloud'---it's still a clean cloud and one hell of a lot better than the lands you hail from, and the sun shines through on lovely beaches, parks, and the great outdoors! There's another added advantage too--- we don't have snakes, terrible spiders, scorpions, dangerous animals and the sharks are well fed, on a non-human diet. See ya later mates!

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