Sunday, December 2, 2012

Guess which one I am! (I know what's coming)

There are three people in the picture and one of them is me. I am either going to have the Bariatric surgery or if you get the wrong one, a sex change. The picture was from a BBQ I attended in the weekend. There were about 15 present and the kids did what kids do---they checked each other out and had a ball.
Here’s the recipe for the simplest ‘take to the party dessert’ you could possibly make.
Crumble a cheap Xmas cake (I got mine from the supermarket---to for NZ$8) into the bottom of a dish. Pour on some store brought custard then top with berries. I was lucky enough to have some growing. If you wanted to tart it up a bit, spread some whipped cream (Not sure what you call that in the USA---NO it’s not cream that I am punishing!) over that, of course the berries would then go on top of that. Finally to be really decadent, break up some chocolate flake and sprinkle on the top. There were so many other desserts, so I didn’t have to do that. Yummy and filled our tummies. I couldn’t take a picture because they ate it before I could.

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