Monday, December 17, 2012

Gisborne---go for it---and to it!

It’s great to see sunny Gisborne put itself out there and challenge Aucklanders and other to relocate. For less than half of the average price of Auckland housing, one can move, possibly get employment and be mortgage free and have no more hassles with traffic. Rush hour--- what’s that?  

Then there is the climate and wonderful beaches and the wines country not far from Gisborne. OK, one has to think carefully about relocating, especially if there are kids, family and friends to consider, but isn’t that part of what our NZ psyche is all about? We have always been travellers and risk takers, right back to the time of the first Maori settlers and those who followed.

There is a good hospital there so no worries re health issues. With technological improvements, distance is less of an issue and really; Gisborne is only about 6 hours by car from Auckland and 50 minutes by air.

Get your gardening gloves out and check out some new fishing gear. It’s all there---in Gisborne and hey---they actually want us down there.

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