Sunday, December 23, 2012

Charter Schools---now Treasury has doubts!

Today, the Herald reported that Treasury has doubts that Charter Schools will improve student performance. What a revelation from this highly influential body! Let’s once again cut to the point: Charter schools are simply going to happen for only one real reason; the agreement that National has with the Act party in order to get their support. Any other reason on the part of the Government is based on spurious reports that have been rejected by most academics.

What would treasury know about what is considered effective teaching? Their job is to advise the Government on financial matters, not academic achievement, so when they make a statement like that reported in the Herald, one has to wonder at the level of support the Government has for its ‘soon to be failed policies.’

Maybe we are in for yet another U-turn from this flip flop Government, but I bet it will be under the hegemony of yet another Minister of Education.

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