Sunday, November 18, 2012

Matt McCarten's article in Herald today sums it up!

Well said Matt. Stop all this, ‘but Shearer doesn’t have a savvy media image’ stuff. We all know that. We have been sucked in for too long by politicians who ‘milk the media’ and cynically use occasions to boost their image. We have gotten away from wanting to know about policy and been more interested in ‘how the politician came across.’ Well what does that do for NZ other than give the pollsters something to discuss on the evening news.
Along comes David Shearer, with a clear idea about new policy, particularly around ‘affordable housing,’ and what happens? Of course the media focuses on a very badly timed leadership wrangle. That is what it does. Maybe this time, the public will see through the drama and concentrate on the policies; something that a party conference should be promulgating.
Looking back now at Mr Shearer’s speech; peeling away the ‘sideshow,’ one can finally see the mettle of the man. He does have a vision for New Zealand and if we bothered to dig a little deeper, we would all have a better understanding of the man who will be Prime Minister.’ Just let him develop his own style, one that is genuine and not forced on him by ‘media managers.’
Go back to the First Labour Government. Look at the old film clips of Savage and compare them to today’s slick offerings. Savage had a way of connecting with his audience (predominantly in a theatre or on the radio) that transcended his gritty voice. Shearer does not lack the voice and he certainly has a rich sense of vision. Time will tell if the New Zealand public gets the message.
Thanks Matt, for your honest and accurate measure of the man.

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