Thursday, November 29, 2012

James Cook HIgh PSSP Graduation night 2012

Graduation night for the James Cook PSSP team was a happy culmination of a year’s work. The students have provided a much needed service to the students in the school. PSSP stands for Peer Sexuality Support Programme.  The goal is to give students relevant, correct and safe information about matters sexual. It is about dispelling myths surrounding sexual matters. It is about helping students to make good choices; about not giving in to pressure.
The night started with our dramatic entry. We took the school minibus (the only school that did) and parked it right outside the entrance. I suspect that they may have preferred an extended limousine.
I was so proud of them as they each went up onto the stage to receive their certificates. They have worked hard all year to support the kids around issues that go way beyond the ‘sexual.’ They encouraged kids who were sad and depressed to get help and they linked many students into the services within the school and to outside services.
At the end of the formal ceremony they demolished the supper almost as quickly as it appeared and then they must have felt sorry for me. They suggested we leave. That took ages, as they all lived in different parts of Manurewa, but they had me well organized to make this as seamless as possible
Well done PSSP team for 2012.

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