Monday, November 19, 2012

Israel and Hamas--so people die while you both try to save face!

It seems that  political organizations/nation states are like kids. Neither wants to make the first move in a fight. Both want to save face and not be the one to appear to be the one giving in. In the meantime people die; the least powerful; the children and elderly, who have no say in what is happenning around them. The overcrowded streets of Gaza provide no sanctuary from Israeli bombs and the houses of those Israeli citizens within range of the increasingly sophisticated missiles sent by Hamas; all are defenceless against the rain of terror falling from the skies.
Is there a will on either side to settle this dispute or is this latest life destroying battle one that will never end, until one side vanquishes the other? I am not hopeful, a place in my mind that is intolerable. Young Palestinians and Israelis deserve a better world in which to achieve their dreams. At the moment all they share is the nightmare of war.

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