Thursday, October 11, 2012

Looking for a job?--- Then get out of Auckland!

The Herald report that there are jobs in places other than the ‘Queen’ city is a little piece of news that many people should take seriously. In nearly all regions of NZ there were advertised jobs, mostly in the highly skilled and skilled areas.
I doubt that one would be surprised that Christchurch leads the pack and some of the advantages of leaving Auckland may not be present in that city; for example cheaper rents. Given the need to attract skilled workers to that city, the pay may make up for that factor. The needs for workers in Christchurch will increase as the rebuild ramps up.
Other areas also need workers at many levels. In these cases, families could well benefit from making the move. Housing (rentals and buying) are cheaper and lifestyle factors are most definitely an attraction. Take Napier, which boasts rush-hour traffic as being only 10 minutes in length.
Taranaki and New Plymouth in particular offer jobs and a lifestyle that makes one wonder why so many of us reside in Auckland. As in most of New Zealand’s regions, good education is available well into tertiary level. The wide open spaces and climate are factors to consider too.
So, Kiwis, ‘Go North, South and further South and don’t forget to veer a little to the East and West as you consider your move.
If you have a home in Auckland, then rent it out, just in case you decide to return. Somehow, once you have made the move I suspect you may be cheering for the local teams and quickly dumping your loyalty to the Blues.
Think about what you want for yourself and your family and you may well decide that Auckland is a great place to visit, just occasionally.

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