Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A very brave young Pakistani girl---Go well!

A brave young woman is fighting for her life in Pakistan after she started a campaign to help young girls get an educartion. The Medieval Taliban then sought her out to stop her spreading 'Western Ideals,' with a bullet to her head.  It has shocked many in Pakistan, the vast majority  of whom want no part of this insidious evil group. I liken them to the Pol Pot regime that nearly destroyed another wonderful nation in South East Asia---Cambodia.
Pakistan (and God forbid, Afghanistan itself) have a terrrible dilema on their hands. Most moderatae poeple, be it with their religion or their politics, do not go to the extremes of groups like the Taliban. This of course lets these extremists gain and keep power. Even in defeat they cast their deadly spell on the people.
Pakistan and other countries need more people to stand up toextremism in all of its forms. Does it take the actions of one brave young woman and her consequent targetting to make the majority of us to wake up and repel the likes of the Taliban. Pakistan needs to take a hard look at what has happenned and protect those who are least capable of looking after themselves. All strenght to this amazing young woman and the many like her in Paskistan.

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