Friday, September 14, 2012

The two Johnys are still supping from the same cup--

Politicians of almost any Party will try to hang on to power despite the fact that they have to ‘sup’ with an ally who has dubious qualities. John Key must almost gag when he has to sit down with John Banks. The evidence is pretty clear that ‘Banksie’ as he likes to be called has gone several steps too far re his attempts to defend himself from the facts about his mayoral election campaign.
The fact that Brother John needs Banksie in order to have a workable majority in the House is the reason and the only reason for him to hang on to his disaster prone mate. If the National Party had a few more seats you could be sure that Banksie would be history and that John Key would talk about ‘honesty and transparency.’ He does not do this because we would see an election almost immediately.
Labour too had the problem of rogue Ministers and those who caused embarrassment, so the plight of the Party Leaders is not one that National alone suffers.
We can be sure that the ‘Opposition’ parties will step up each time they sense yet more blood on the floor.
I do not see this Government going full-term. Watch this space.

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