Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Talk To Me,' my latest book is now live on my site.

I now have two of my books available on my website    All I need now is for you to buy them, using PayPal on my site. My books have been issued with new ISBN numbers and covers, because I was not sure I could use the images when my last publisher was deregistered.
Now, I am in control of the whole process and it should go smoothly from now on. Many thanks to the team that support me.
1)    My editors---Maree Pavletich and Alec Allinson
2)    My website and cover  designer---Derek Allinson
3)    My printer-----The Colour Guy (especially to Karleen who patiently handles my endless questions about what should be simple to understand instructions!)
Thanks to my family and friends who buy my books when they should get them free.
If you don’t want to buy my books, just go into your library and request them. That way, you get them free, and I get a small amount from the sales. All you need is the name of the books and my name.
Books by Neil Coleman:
Coastal Yarns (The new version will be out next week 26th September)
Talk To Me

Next project-----Sons Of Orpheus.
Check out the website to see what’s coming up and for a link to ‘friendly’ websites and to my blogs.

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