Monday, September 24, 2012 are still many unanswered questions! has stated on his Twitter board that he is a bit like James Bond. Maybe his words were different but the fact remains that much of the publicity around his arrest and the subsequent battle with the courts over his extradition are just part of the overall picture. There are still many unanswered questions.
What about his immigration status and how did he achieve residency when there were ‘issues’ in his past?
What about the ‘alleged’ wrong doings on his part re his so-called business? That aspect will take a great deal of unravelling.
Then we have the spectre of the influence the US Governmental agencies on New Zealand’s security services. Have we just danced to the American piper?
If there has been an illegal response from NZ agencies,’ then that must come out and no amount of posturing on PM Key’s part will calm the issue. Quite frankly it is all one big mess; one that is possibly bringing a huge amount of mirth to
If you happen to be one of the businesses who have possibly been hurt or disadvantaged by the ‘alleged’ actions of and his associates, then you will probably be feeling most frustrated at the moment. That justice is done, one way or the other must be your primary need and all of the circus-like machinations, all played upon by will only add to how you are feeling.
Red faces will at some stage be the order of the day and justice may recede to some dim corner of the real world. The winners will not be that obvious.

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