Sunday, September 16, 2012

John and John---the best friends Labour ever had!

John, please don’t fire Johnny. We need him in parliament. Labour needs him there, wasting tax payers’ money, providing entertainment and showing us just how desperate the PM has become.
It seems that Johnny Banksie will say and do almost anything to keep his greedy hands and mouth in the trough and his mate, PM Johnny Key knows that without the vote of the afore mentioned gentleman, his Government could well be on the edge of the crapper.
What a situation. One wonders how much more senior partner John will endure from his buddy. I wonder if he grinds his teeth in anger at night. His dreams must be littered with the ‘goings on’ and continuing denials from his tea-supping partner in political convenience. It says much about our PM.
I wonder what his colleague, Ms Parata makes of all this. I guess she has little time to ponder her leader’s never-ending story. She is far too busy ripping her foot from her own inept political gob. What will she come up with next?
 Labour, the Greens and NZ first must be sitting on their hands with glee, knowing that they need do little to make things much worse for the National Party. Then, there is the Maori Party on the side, intent on their own agenda and trying to find a reason to continue their arranged marriage with National.
Peter---oh Peter. You must surely be wondering at your choice of bed-partner. Change beds man, before you are swept away into political no-man’s land.
Oh well, such fun, such fun as Miranda’s mum says so eloquently.
Maybe Miranda should come and stand for parliament.

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