Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I turned Perdy into a book--'Talk To Me.' It could also be Danny Watson.

I must be getting old, because I am addicted to listening to talk back radio. Along with another little bundle of hair in my life, Perdy, I decided to turn them into a book. Well, not really them, but Perdy’s influence is huge.
The book is called ‘Talk To Me,’ and it is my third book. (Coastal Yarns and Roskill are the first two) The book is a tongue-in-cheek, take the piss swipe at my addiction. Things go terrible wrong for Gary, the talk back host of a struggling radio station.
When a caller claims he is the killer of a body found in a Bay, things hot up and it’s not long before the airwaves are hot with threats and absolute bullshit.
If you want to know more, then go to www.authorneilcoleman.com and buy my book, once it is released any day now.
Happy reading. Don't worry Danny---it's not really you or Kerry---it's just a bit of fun. I'll send you both a copy, via Mike.  LOL---When's he getting his own show?

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