Thursday, August 30, 2012

OMG--- it has happenned--- Mr Dunne has grown some---

You know what I meant to say. I won’t be rude because that’s not at all like me. Are we seeing the beginning of the election campaign, two years before it is due or we going to see National stymied quite a lot from now on. Mr Dunne has laid down the gauntlet.
He has actually come out from where ever it is that he has been hiding (apart from the good work he has been doing on the synthetic drugs issue) and decided to make a stand. He is not going along with the Government re placing a spending lid on Government expenditure. That places the Government in a difficult position. I wonder if Mr Dunne will stand up to the pressure he will now come under.
Go for it Mr Dunne and the cynicism in me may stay put and I shall stop being mean to you. You have nothing to lose but a great deal to gain by standing up against the party you got into bed with. They will not dump you yet, because the simple fact is that they can no longer be sure that The Maori Party will support them and crazy John Banks is like a loose cannon at the moment.
Is this a Marylyn Warring moment? It’s certainly not a pissed Mr Muldoon coming on TV to announce an early election--- but let’s hope that you will now line up behind the other opposition in Parliament to stop the Asset Sales.
Now, it wasn’t so hard to do, was it? Feel better now. Go for it Mr Dunne.

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