Friday, August 24, 2012

My Books are always available on Trade Me

What happens when a family’s existence is threatened by the father’s use of ‘P’? The son runs away and the daughter enters the world of the Chat rooms where she befriends someone who may not be who she thinks. A distraught mother digs deep and decides to fight back with the help of her new friends. Sometimes funny but with a serious under-message, this is a book that all teenagers should read and parents too; just for the reason that they may better understand what happens when they make dangerous decisions. This book has been endorsed by Ron Phillips, the author of ‘Gem Of The Frist Water.’
What's available?
1) A few first prints of Coastal Yarns. My new re-edited ones available soon.
2) Roskill---new cover, new ISBN and under my control---finally.
Free delivery in NZ and about $7 extra to Aussie. POA for other countries.

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