Saturday, June 23, 2012

What will they do this week in NZ politics?

I am going to have some fun with predicting what Politics in NZ will look like for the coming week…I will probably be way off the mark!
1)    Ms Parata (minister of Education) and John Key (you see she needs him to back her up as she looks increasingly ‘flaky’) will attack teachers yet again. It will be around the issue of ‘League tables’ in schools.
2)    Anne Trolley ---Ooops! (Wannabe glamour girl) will try to boost her flagging image along with another round of cost cutting measure for the police.
3)    Our Prime Minister will come up with a cheeky little number to divert attention from the stuff-ups of the, last few months. He will release date that he says shows that the ride is turning for him re asset sales—He will claim that NZers are behind the sale now.
4)    The Greens will continue to be effective in parliament and Labour will carry on using its attacks brigade (Cosgrove, Mallard, Little etc. while Mr Shearer will continue build his ‘Statesman-like-status. OH and look for more good stuff from a relaxed looking and very effective Phil Goff.
5)    The dishonourable Peter Dunne will continue to ignore the wishes of the over-all electorate and particularly of his own. He may face some demonstrations outside his electorate office and he will front up on TV trying to defend his senseless stand with the Government. He will look like he has swallowed a snotty sock and his hair will look the coiffured way it has come to be. He will NOT grow balls!
6)    The Maori Party will continue to prevaricate and forget what they have voted for and which way.
7)    NZ First (read Winston Peters) will vote with the Labour Party and Greens and he will attack the immigration Policy again---Asians watch out!
8)    Hone (Mana Party) will come up with some real politically relevant clangers---actually he has been making a lot of sense lately.

OK--- I’m must having a bit of fun---it is at the expense our esteemed politicians, but that’s not too hard eh.

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