Saturday, June 9, 2012

How Dumb can you be National?--bashing the police now

I know I have already intimated my disbelief at the National Government’s stupidity or is it just blind inability to think of anything but fiscal lameness?
Here they are again trying to use the blunt sword of performance pay, this time for the police. Why don’t they look back a bit to the late 90’s when they tried to use that policy--- it was dropped in 2003?
All of this posturing leads one to wonder who else they will try to paint with that brush. Perhaps it will be judges, or the armed forces---Ooops; they have already shot them in the foot. If you thought Labour was bad when they scrapped the Skyhawk jets, then perhaps our boys and girls will be back to bows and arrows soon.
I just had a thought---- the next target will be our hard working men and women at Border Control---- damn---- I forgot;  they have already cut them. Hello, Queensland Fruit Fly.
The silly buggers are addicted to cutting. One wonders if there are some ‘issues’ here, with all this political blood-letting. Is there an element of panic setting in? Are they so bereft of ideas that they can only see a big fat knife?
Watch out my friends on the Education and Health sectors. They ain’t finished yet and there is an anger building, fed by their inability to suck the public into their lies.

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