Friday, June 22, 2012

'Crusher Collins'--- not a good look!--ooops Anne Tolley!

The sight of Anne Tolley (Minister of Police) standing on top of a boys racer’s crushed car was one bordering on the ridiculous. I am not sure whether she was trying to present herself as a tough Minister of Police or as someone trying to get a ‘date.’ Hey girl--- those stiletto shoes and raunchy jacket did make you look like some sort on wannabe—well what?
Do you really think the image you are displaying is going to do anything other than divide? We need to communicate with these young people; to get them onside, not further alienate them. I in no way support them polluting our streets or endangering citizens as they go about their crazy antics. I want to see them off the streets, but just do it. Do we really need the cheap fanfare of circus-like performances that belong in countries with tin-pot dictators? You do yourself no credit. Pass the bloody legislation and implement it. Do what most people want--- make our streets safe, then concentrate on other aspects of that which is wrong in our society.
OH--- by the way--- did you get a date out of that ridiculous show?

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