Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vodafone----did they listen this time? (part 2)

OK--- here I am again, after having lambasted you all about my less than satisfactory introduction to my new smartphone. Remember--- purchased the phone at a Vodafone shop and had left feeling that I should have been given more time to familiarize myself with some basic functions. I felt that they ‘had no time to help me.’
So, it all went to custard and before I knew it the phone had lost its charge and had basically signalled that I could only use it for emergencies. Stuff that!
Off I went down the Lynmall Vodafone shop in the big mall. I had to wait a few minutes while they were serving other customers--- that’s fine. I was served by a young lady, who must have sensed my displeasure about my past experience when I first got the phone. Well, of course she did, because I made sure she knew and that I was going to blog the experience. I am not sure if that did the trick, but she was all ears and she was very patient with me.
First off--- the old sim card just didn’t work properly and God alone knows what I had pressed, while I was trying to learn the system. She (not God) quickly stuck in a new sim card and exported the contacts and whatever else was needed and viola--- it started working. I also purchased a car charger, because she informed me that it is pretty normal for a phone to only keep its charge for a day, especially when there are multiple apps installed.  I bet you are thinking that I am using flash words and getting with the programme.  Hahaha--- Don’t be fooled because most of the things she told me have disappeared into the morass that passes for my brain.
Still, I will sit down after I have taken Perdy for another walk (she’s barking at one of the neighbours----probably the one who complained –the bit----oops---sorry). I shall get one of the kids at school to show me a few tricks in the morning. They seem to know everything I need and they enjoy helping me.
Now--- do I shout my tits off about the level of service I experienced--- well yes--- sort of--- it was friendly and useful and it did change my mind a bit. It’s not their fault that I take a while to learn about these new touch screens and all the services that come with it. I bet there will be a few stuff-ups over the next week or two. I shall keep you posted. Click on the ads!

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