Thursday, May 3, 2012

TVNZ7 replaced by an 'insulting lowest comon dem---

I think we get the picture Mr Dunne--- where were you when all of this was discussed? There has been a great deal of opposition to dump the TVNZ 7 channel, with its high quality free to air programming. Were you hiding in a retreat for disenchanted Cabinet Ministers or have you just pulled your head out of the sand?
I do not believe that you haven’t noticed the outcry that ensued when the ‘Government,’ to which you have so happily attached yourself to, announced that TVNZ7 was about to go.
You are of course the ‘Revenue Minister, so I guess you have a lot on your shoulders, supporting the government in its desire to save money.
How now can you come out and attack TVNZ and its decision to put up a poor copy of TV1 as a substitute for the loss of a quality TV channel?
Maybe you have been frightened by the demonstrations outside your local electorate office, maligning you for your lack of guts in challenging the government asset sales programme. You are in a position where you could have made a difference, but instead you have chosen to go down the path of political oblivion.
Make a brave choice and start speaking out for what most NZers want. It may be your swan song--- but hey--- you are near retirement, so why not go out with a bang!

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