Saturday, April 28, 2012

Who's looking at my blog? (as of 29th April 2012

NZ-----------------------4024     Cool, but the winners for how long?
USA--------------------- 3429    I think you are going to catch up
Russia--------------------336      I'd like ot hear from you--maybe facebook?
UK-----------------------49        Don't leave it all to my neice!
Germany------------------37        The land of the Frankfurt Book Festival
Australia------------------28        Probably my nephew--- come on mates!
Saudi Arabia--------------15        Nice surprize
Malaysia------------------14        Keep it up
France--------------------9          Love to see more of you
Bangladesh---------------7           They love cricket like NZ
Hongkong----------------5           I wanna go there one day---- the food!
China---------------------4           Wonderful, but for how long?
India  ---------------------3          I want to see mnay more of you reading my blog---and books.
Canada-------------------3           You big lovely country--- love having you aboard!
Indonesia-----------------3          Come on-- I am writing nice blogs about you.. welcome
And---Japan, Serbia, Birkina Faso, Ireland, Uzbekistan. Brazil

I love having you all reading my blogs. Now make some commnets and please click on the adverts so that I can put yet another huge book on. It is called 'Sons of Orpheus,' an historical novel from the 1860's.

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