Wednesday, April 25, 2012

She tried so hard---But Mila pays the price, one way or the other

When Mila crushed her caregiver (Helen) yesterday at the Franklin Zoo Park, near Tuakau, it was the tragic result of what was looking like a sucessful transition from being a circus atraction to a new life in the USA where she would have been able to live with other elephants, something more like a natural setting.
Mlla was well on the way to achieving that more satisfactory goal.
That her 'friend' tried so hard and had a loving relationship with Mila, makes it all the more hard to take. I hope that Mila can still be sent to the USA, in the knowledge that this incident was a 'one-off' out of the blue action.
Surely, we owe her another chance. I am pretty sure that Helen would have wanted the plan to go ahead and any talk of 'putting Mila down,' is just that--- talk. We put these animalas in this sorry position by using them for our entertainment, and even in the best run zoo or circus there is always going to be the possibility of an 'accident.' Complete the work that has been started. Use the former owners' expertise to make this happen.
May we hear in the very near future that Mila is living happlily with her mates in the USA.
To Helen's familly. We are all thinking of you.

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