Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The sharks are circling.

Picture a small boat near Stewart Island, New Zealand’s third largest Island. Now imagine a huge Great White shark, circling the boats while the scientists attempt to tag the magnificent beast. Any hopes of tagging other sharks are out of the question as the larger shark chases them away. Apparently there are about 120 Great Whites in the vicinity of the island. New Zealand is part of a worldwide programme to protect this much maligned species.
Perhaps you shiver at the thought of entering the water in these locations, but don’t worry; you would have to be pretty brave on anther count--- the water is damned cold. So leave the sharks to do their thing and think about other circling sharks; namely the Republican candidates that now number three after Santorum’s exit.
The three are, to quote Santorum, ‘bright lights on the hill,’ fighting for the real America (my words). What a horrible thought. He will now throw in his lot with the winning candidate, so over the next few months we better take a much closer look at Romney’s policy statements. I am sure that the news media in the spirit of good journalism will dig up some of his past statements, to put before the voters and he will no doubt clarify his ‘vision’ for  the USA. It is going to be interesting and sometimes frightening. On the other hand, when the pressure comes on, we may see the real Romney and his hidden supporters; the ‘grey men in suits,’ as they influence his statements. I am not talking about the usual lobby groups that press any Presidential candidate, but something more sinister.
I am loath to bring religion into the debate, but I can’t help feel the faith he espouses, somehow being a part of what he would bring if he was successful. I do not see him in the same light as we would have viewed Kennedy. Kennedy was of course Catholic, and there were concerns that his faith may have been a negative factor with the voters. That is all history now and the USA grew by electing him.
I am not on the ‘ground’ in the USA. I am curious to know what you all think of Romney. I don’t recall any of you saying anything about Romney’s faith. Is it a ‘no go’ area? Am I bringing it up because no one will give a stuff what a Kiwi thinks?  Let me know if you can. I may get slapped down for exhibiting some sort of religious intolerance and you may be trapped because you don’t want to say what you really think.
Throw away the PC crap and let loose. I hope I haven’t made myself unwelcome by saying something that may be on the tip of your ‘collective tongues.’

I’m off to see a movie--- Hehehhe--- don’t k now the title---something about Marigold--- Should be a real laugh
 Will let you know. Give Romney a ‘shug’ from me.

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