Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hey Coca-Cola----- we have heard it all before, but to be fair-

See the questions at the end of the blog.

Today in the NZ Herald, we read about the death of a 30 year old mum, partly attributed to Coca-Cola. It seemed like a rerun of previous cases against tobacco companies as the company denied that the drink was responsible for the tragic death. To be fair, they do a have a point.
I am not one who supports a total ban on Coca-Cola or other fizzy drinks, but there needs to be a lot more publicity on what can happen when consumption reaches anything more than a low to moderate level.
The lady in question was at the extreme end, consuming up to ten litres a day, along with being a heavy smoker. The report tells of a diet that can only be described as totally inadequate. She was a mother; one now sadly missed.
Should Coca-Cola take any responsibility for this death? I think they should. There are no warnings on the bottle and the details that are there are probably the last things that any drinker would peruse. I for one couldn’t read them without glasses.
Remember the debates in USA court rooms about smoking and how the smoking lobby fought and still does, the actions taken against them and how they continue to say that smoking doesn’t cause deaths.
Then the lobbyists for free choice came out in force. I bet they do the same here. Yes, it is a choice; a badly misinformed one on the part of those who consume vast amounts of the sugar-laden drinks. I don’t believe the mum was ignorant; she was hooked, just like people are who smoke. I dare say coming off the drink would have needed a great deal of support.
Let’s have more discussion on these dangerous drinks and make a huge effort to educate the kids. What would it have been like for the surviving family, watching their mum deteriorate on a day to day basis? Her underlying conditions made her a target for the bad effects off her consumption. We must have the discussion and take it as wide as we need.

The Following questions need to be asked
1) How much repsonsibility should  parents take to be positive role models to thier chidren--- in all matters?
2) Should food manusfacturers take any responsibilty for damgae thier producst may cause?
3) Should food products conatain clearly visible warnings about the pssoble dangers of their product.
4) How much guidance should Government/Departments provide about the food we eat?
5) Should there be a  price-loading on foods, on a graduated scale according to the known dangers various types of food potentially pose?
6) Should schools take all harmfull foods fomr the shelves?

I am sure you can think of many more questions.

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