Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3700--- keep it up!

Cool--- the hit rate is continually increasing. I have no idea what the threshold is re the monetization of my blog, but send my link to your mates----neilcolemanauthor.blogspot.com  I know that if enough people view my pages and actuiallly click on the adverts, something will eventuallly happen. To sweeten the deal I am about to put the first chapter of yet anohter book I am writing on my blog. It relfelcts the things 'I know' because of the job I am in. What I inetend doing is to put oput the first chapter to give you an idea. Then, I shall wait until there are 50 hits on that before the next chapter appears and so on. I will stick some sort of synopsis out first.

NOW IT'S 4070

5400 as at 11th April

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