Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If I had bigger ti---s--- they would be in a tangle

Acorns grow into beautiful trees, but little things that piss us off turn into a torrent if not addressed.
Thus hath starteth my day. Actually, I had trouble sleeping last night, because I kept waking and thinking about the ‘little thing’ that was pissing me off. I cameth to work and it grew in importance until I found something  to break the log-jam.
Therein lays the method to curing my madness. Don’t let the little things go untended. Either water them and pull them out.
Once I had teased the ‘stick that was holding up the dam, I felt a new energy. Then and only then did a see the rapids ahead and avoid the inevitable chaos. I was able to jump from the stream by grabbing a branch. Then the water flowed and the tempest went somewhere else.
 I hope the next person down the stream that now flows without obstruction reads my blog, shorteth though it is.

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