Friday, March 23, 2012

I would love to hear from you! (Whitebait Fritters)

Yes, it would be great to hear from you. Welcome to my new reader(s) in Mexico and Turkey; just name a few countries that have joined my list. What I would really like is to get some communication going. OH---- a huge thank you to the USA and Russia for your loyal followings of my blogs,
Basically, I am experimenting with my blogs. I do not necessarily adhere to the blogs I write---yes some are right on the spot. Take for example, the ones I write about Perdy, my Jack Russell dog; they really did happen, but then I go and write a book, where she is the star (“Talk To Me”) and my musings in the book are a tongue-in-cheek poke at the ‘talk back’ industry.
I guess you could say my blogs are often in this genre. If you take me too seriously you better go and take a hard look at yourself. Then just when you think I am sailing along in the ‘take the piss’ winds, I come up with something serious, like the one about ‘teaching.’
Looking forward to ‘meeting you in my pages,’

PS   I am taking Perdy down to the park today, where she featured in the soon to be released film, based on “Talk To Me,’----JUST KIDDING---ok?
 The Onehunga Festival is on today so we are going down to catch some ‘White Bait Fritters and Mussel Fritters.’ Which ones will I choose?  Get off--- Both of course and Perdy will help me eat them.  

BUGGER!   THEY CANCELLED IT----That's what you get when a crappy job was done with the original draining. Last night staff were doing their best to drain the swampy mess. They failed and I feel sorry for all of the groups who had spent plenty for the day in the hope of raising some money for thier causes. OH well--- there's always next year.

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