Sunday, March 11, 2012

I don't like grey days

I don’t like grey days or wet days or Mondays. Well--- OK--- I don’t mind wet days if its been dry for ages--- then I get a feeling of ‘renewal’ when it finally rains.
I don’t like it when I arrive at work, especially on a Monday, only to find that I have a whole lot of work that I should have done the week before.
IT’s OK though, because I do like it when I have a good weekend--- a real break from work, not like so many now who have to work six days or more a week, of those who are on some sort of casualized labour system. I count myself lucky that I work in a strongly unionized place of work.
I hate the fact that so many gains we have struggled to attain over the years are in danger of being ‘negotiated’ down the toilet. It is happening all over the world.
Then again, compared to the emerging nations, where labour laws are ignored or don’t exist--- well, perhaps we should put it all in perspective.
Stop! --- That is no excuse to let the bosses take away our hard-earned gains. Is it going to take another generation of bargaining, just to stand still, never lone make new strides.  Maybe nothing changes.
Damn--- it’s the grey day talking--- snap out it me!

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