Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fat Bugger---Part 5

Here I am again, sitting in the ‘lets Be Honest Seat,’ ready to bare all (well, luckily for you I won’t). Have I lost weight or is there more to this than mere figures? Last time I went to the doctor, I had actually put on a bit, but I was feeling much better and my test results were all good.
What’s going on here then? He thinks it is all of the walking I have done with Perdy, sometimes three times a day in the holidays. I should have lost then, but obviously I have been shoving the calories down my throat like there’s no tomorrow.
The old question of having one of the weight –loss procedures came up again, but I am not doing that for several reasons. I’m not sure I am the right ‘profile’ for that to be successful. I can’t imagine eating tiny little meals and foregoing all of the wonderful gastronomic delights that I so enjoy. There is also the financial burden---NZ $20,000 (that’s about US$17,000), I don’t particularly want to increase me mortgage for that.
My decision is to keep up the walking and trying to watch what I eat. (Yes, you are saying--- you should do more watching and less eating). I can also hear the---‘don’t you have any strength of character, thereby making a decision and sticking to a programme? I go back to one of my original blogs where I stated that I am not going to use the word starting with ‘D,’ nor am I going to embark on such a venture. The latest research overwhelmingly shows that such a pathway is not one that works in the long run.
Take all the books that cover the same possibilities and they would reach to the moon if they were all lined up. Some of the authors have become quite rich, but haven’t you noticed how they come and go, like the tide. I guess it comes down to the formula that says you have to spend more than you earn in terms of calorie intake. You can work that out, I’m sure.
Where too from here? I accept that I am a bit like a smoker----The difference is that my addition is food and everything about it. I t has similar consequences and also puts me in the ‘someone you may want to avoid category. I shall still fight this affliction. The obvious areas are in portion size, when I eat and how much and some sort of acknowledgement of ‘good foods and bad foods.’ I shall also increase the intensity of my walks--- maybe in the form of pace. Dawdling around chatting to my friends just doesn’t do it. Perdy would also like it if I upped the pace. OK--- we shall see what I can achieve in the next two months.

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