Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Courier came at 6--I wish!

There is a business opportunity out there that is begging for someone to pick it up. Here’s why.
Now we all know and hate it when just as we are sitting down to dinner, the phone rings and you have to endure some twat impinging on your good nature. It will either be a survey (often just an excuse to soften you up for a more aggressive sales pitch) or a salesperson trying to sell you something. Yes most are probably legitimate, but many of us have experienced the ‘scam’ calls from many parts of the world. The computer scam example springs to mind,
These visits and calls can come in multiples and by the time we get pisses off enough to really show our feelings, our solitude has been totally compromised. Now, to my main reason for this blog.
Have you ever purchased something on line and arranged and paid for the courier to deliver it? Silly you, silly me! I am well over this way of conducting my online purchases for the following reason. Almost inevitably, the courier comes the next day and guess what? ---- You are not there. You actually have a job and don’t employ a maid to keep your house pristine and your meals prepared. What happens next?
You go online to arrange delivery at your work, but that is not always well received by many of your employers--- right? Perhaps you just accept that the best way is to go and pick up the item at the ‘depot, which is often across town and you then have to battle peak hour traffic. The alternative is to wait until Saturday morning and then you must prove who you are with photo ID and pick it up yourself. If you have paid to do all of this, then you must be left with the question----‘Why the bloody hell am I putting myself through this--? ---- and I am paying for the privilege!’
Maybe I am missing something here and one of you will get off your chuff and tell me so. Good--- I may finally get some feedback and it will be very welcome. I believe that there is a business opportunity here--- waiting for some keen entrepreneur (not me) to fill a gap.
Why doesn’t an existing firm or a clever new one operate their deliveries at a more sensible time, so that ‘buyers’ who are anxiously waiting for their purchases can actually get it in , ‘what I call’ (Sorry Miranda) a reasonable time. Take the fact that we are mostly at home, or someone is, at six in the evening, and can thereby take delivery of the said item. I am sure that the courier driver who delivers such purchases will receive a much better welcome than the other callers. Indeed they should feel free to push the others aside and be the recipient of our utmost gratitude.
One could also opt for such a service so that –yes--- the company can continue to operate during the day, but with much less wastage of fuel and therefore save our planet at the same time.
Make sense? --- I hope so.  Bring it on!


I had an afterthought (an increasing trend lately). The reason I attempt online shopping is because I make an assumption that it is more convenient and less time consuming. I also assume that when they say that an item will be supplied overnight, then that is great too. Silly me. It is now Thuesday morning and the 'item' may be delivered to a Post Shop' near me by Friday afternoon. Damn--- I could have walked down to Dick Smith in Onuhunga and saved the planet and had my new Kindle the same day.
I felt like cr--- today---- heheheheh (maniacal laugh!) I picked somemushrooms yesterday and had them in an omlette---- oops--- shouldn't have done that--I'm sure one was different. you can gues the rest!
I snet Rio down to Post Shop---- and yet the damn Kindle was finaly there. Hey I only orfered it on Monday and here it is friday and me at home from work--- with mushroom aided consequentional results---- no I'm not high--- just feeling abit shi-----y.

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