Sunday, March 25, 2012

Are you nuts, Queenslanders? Watch the 'gravy train.'

Are you nuts, Queenslanders?
Yes, we all saw ‘it’ coming----, but to the extent that you no longer have a viable opposition party to balance the excesses of a headstrong new government? Do not realize that you have cast yourself back into the days when a former New Zealander held the reins of power in your state and wielded a form of power that took you many elections cycles to see the light?
Do you really believe that your new leader will rule and be ‘humble?’ I guess time will tell and whether the lessons of history will in the end make you see that unbridled power is indeed something to be frightened of.
I look back over the last few years and wonder at the reasons you dumped Anna Bligh so unceremoniously. Your discomfort for many of her policies must run deep, or is there something else that has led to her massive demise?  I suspect that Julia in Canberra must have some bearing on the disastrous result. Julia will be cringing behind closed doors in Korea. The possible nuclear scenarios she has gone to discuss in Seoul must pale in significance compared to the results of any Federal election, if held now.
For Labor, I wonder what they are thinking today. They did have a clear indication via the polls over the last year or two that the worm had turned. Waking up today must be truly traumatic. The rump they are left with in the Queensland Parliament, will seek out a new leader, but it may take many election cycles to rebuild. It is a pity to see Anna go; indeed I hope that she finds a way to hang in there, albeit in the next election. Is there anyone else who would happily step into the swamp---?  To be jeered at from Government benches. Oh yes, despite the new leader’s machinations about being humble, it won’t take long for an errant MP or three to start crowing.
What is more scary in the new Parliament is the possible direction of the new Government. Big business will rule and so many of the gains so hard fought for over in the last twenty years will be ‘mist in the wind’.
‘Workers,’ who turned their backs on Labor, will see their rights slide away and then turn into a flood. By the time they rue their decision to vote for the new Premier and his party, it will be too late. It will be their children who will have to ‘re-fight the battles, to stem the flow.
Then again--- don’t we say that get who we deserve?

It didn't take long eh! I see that the gravy train has left the station In the Queensland. It will take a journey throughout Australia, wherever there has been a landslide victory agaisnt Labor. I'm not saying that Labor was exempt, but the fat cats just can't keep thier lips out of the bowl when it comes to claiming what they believe they were born to 'inherit.'
Come on my Aussie bros--- are you going to let me get away with my outrageous assertions?

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