Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vietnam, Afganistan, Iraq---Iran?

Do we ever learn? BY ‘we’ I mean the old Colonial’ powers and the USA, and by the inclusion of our relationships (trade and historical) it always manages to get NZ involved in some way. The Soviet Union learnt the hard way, by getting its nose poked when it had its little adventure in Afghanistan. France may have learnt in Algeria and Vietnam and Great Britain in Afghanistan in the late 19th Century.
There are few examples of a major power winning when they attempted to invade or ‘protect tier interests, from list of countries at the start of my blog. Perhaps the Brits came closest in the Malayan emergency in the early 50’s.
But still, we see action in the Middle East. I am sure we all understand the link between oil and strategic issues like free access to shipping lanes. Little has changed in the years since WW2.
We used to follow Britain---‘where you go we follow.’ That lasted right up to the Falkland’s war in the 80’s. We may not have sent troops, but we freed up a British ship so that it could support the war effort in the South Atlantic--- what is that--- support by proxy?
The USA came to our aid in WW2 when there was a very real danger that Japan would venture far enough south and we have linked our fate to that of the new Super-Power ever since. Vietnam followed Korea and along with our contributions to United Nations causes, we have been in most scraps, led by the USA.
Some would say that ‘trade interests’ and the fear of been left alone have been strong pulls to jump on the USA lead quest to keep the world a ‘safe place.’
Has it worked? Is there any country where peace reigns as result of these interventions? As I have said in my previous blog in this issue, it is the poor who pay and the rich who gain. Of course there are lots of examples of Ivy-League graduates who have given their lives, but in the same proportions? --- I doubt it.
I am so sad to keep seeing that young soldiers from the USA led coalition forces are paying the price; with their blood and their horrible injuries; then to return to civilian life unable to follow their dreams. ‘Small-town USA and Britain have paid the price.
This is not a rave against the people of the USA (and others). It is a plea. Once again I say--- GET OUT! You can’t do anything right. If it’s not burning sacred books, it’s bombing innocent civilians and villages.
Look at Iraq and Afghanistan. There is a resurgence of anti-American sentiment. Do they really want you there? (And NZ Special Forces?).
Now, there is the threat of Iran. That really scares me. It is going beyond ‘Sabre-rattling.’ The prospect of Iran possessing nuclear weapons and a jittery Israel really throws a massive hammer into the works. Is that the background to what compares to the position Europe was in with the rise of Nazi Germany?
This is where my argument for the USA to back-off comes apart. I admit it. Nothing is ever simple. I very much doubt that there will be any energy on the part of the Euro-zone (except maybe Britain) to enter into another fray, this time with Iran.
Add a bit of the irrationality of extremist clerical states and the picture is even more uncertain. I bet the ‘Armageddon brigade,’ is having a field day and the manufacturers of cardboard for the inevitable signs stating that ‘the end is nigh,’ are doing really well.
In summary, I still say, pull back as much as you can USA--- you can’t do it on your own. To my Russian friends--- I feel for you. There are deep issues that you are facing. I hope your elections later in the week, are free of corruption and manipulation. I would have thought you have seen enough of extremism. You don’t need a new Tsar or rampant Stalinist visitation.
China? --- Well—you have a lot of catch-up, but you too need to come on board and not just oppose everything that the USA represents. You are now well and truly ensconced in the real world of the new world order.
Ain’t it all one big f---p

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