Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kissing cousins and the nephews

Just in case you think I am about to launch into some sordid little expose on an unsuspecting family, then stop right there. I don’t do that! I am referring to the relationship between ‘Old Limey’ and Uncle Sam, with a little bit about the propensity of the nephews and nieces, (Australia and New Zealand) thrown into the mix. It still adds up to some pretty crazy reading though.
I guess I am really following on from my previous blogs on the subject of the USA’s and Britain’s position as ‘savours of the world.’ I am a bit concerned that some sort of action around the nuclearization of Iran is going to play out. Of course there is also Syria, luring in the background too, but I suspect that eventually (after a lot more bloodshed of innocent civilians) the incumbent regime will fall.
What are we faced with? ---some sort of military pre-emptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities?  Will it be the USA ably assisted by Britain? Perhaps--- Just look at the way both powers are maximizing their strategic resources in the Gulf. We can also be sure that the Israeli’s are watching the situation and planning a response.
I hope that none of the above eventuates. NO one can win, but that leaves the unanswered question about Iran’s intentions. I doubt that any country wants to see Iran in possession of a nuclear capacity. Even its neighbours would be nervous at the prospects of such a possibility. If the fears of most of the ‘thinking world,’ actually occur, the region could become a cauldron of radioactive clouds.
If diplomacy fails, we all suffer. The implications for the world are too horrible to think about--- but that we must all do. Russia and China must realize that they will also be part of the ‘fall-out.’ Both countries are now locked into the larger picture and their present posturing only encourages the regime in Iran to follow through on its plans. It is time for these two nations to forget about their positioning to regain or grow their influence with the ‘rogue nations’ and come aboard with world opinion. We must stop the proliferation of these nasty weapons (along with their biological cousins) or face a future that returns us to the past.
I don’t blame the USA and Britain (and their lackey relatives) for the positions they take. The rest of the world keeps their arses up and faces well and truly in the sand. We all have to speak with one voice.

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