Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fat Bugger---part 2

What--- no comments?  What’s wrong with you lot? I don’t care if you parade a whole raft of clich├ęs or put-downs, just say something. I won’t insult you even if you take a totally opposite position to mine.
OK, I’ve got that out of my system, so I can proceed. I did sleep on my blogs and wondered what the hell I would write for the follow-up to my last blog. I kind of left it hanging and had thrown out a personal challenge to myself. I put it out there that I have had a range of experiences and tried quite a few ‘DIETS.’ Right, I shall try not to use that word again.
I told some friends (who don’t read my blogs) what I am attempting. Out came the same old, same old pearls of wisdom. I felt like screaming---‘BUT I HAVE F---TRIED THAT!’
‘Well you just didn’t stick to it then did you,’ someone said. That’s true--- I find it hard to stay on track. You know how it goes. For a few weeks or months, everything goes well, and the weight slips away, 'never to return.' What I have noticed is that the more ‘strict or restrictive the regime, (see--- I didn’t use the D word) the more likely one (me) is to build up a craving for something ‘naughty.’ There are pathways that allow a certain amount of treating, but at some stage the---‘well one won’t hurt will it,’ and before you can say, ‘I’ll be back on the wagon tomorrow.’
Now, I am speaking for myself. I shouldn’t put my crap on you. My failings don’t have to be yours, but if you are honest--- well--- you fill in the rest. The fact is that I have a ‘sweet tooth’ and a ‘taste' for savouries. Take this in a new direction and---- yes--- I am a foodie. I love to read about it, watch TV and go to as many food shows as the budget allows. Add my propensity to buy the ‘latest gadget’ and fill cupboards and storage areas with the aforementioned devises, some never to be used, or left forgotten, only to be rediscovered and resurrected, probably because a new TV food show has  caught my attention.
I think to myself---‘is this my downfall--- this OBSESSION with things ‘gastronomic?’ Perhaps I need to say that I also love cooking for others. I may not do it on quite the scale as I used to, when it wasn’t unusual to have more than 10 at a dinner party. God only knows how things would have been if I had had a formal dining room. Now the gatherings are more modest--- maybe 4-8 at the most, except for special occasions (like when my blog hits 5000). I have many happy memories of these fun and noisy events, accompanied of course by lots of wine--- that too has assumed a more modest appearance. There is nothing to regret about all of this, other than the fact that most doctors would say that I have had my share of the ‘good-life.’ The bottom-line is that I want to collect my pension (Damn it--- I will still call it that--- because it’s easier to type than ‘superannuation.’) Are my new friends in the USA getting my drift? I don’t think you are that different to NZ and the ‘Fatness debate’ is alive and well there.
OK--- I have only moved a little in this blog. That’s because I am gathering my thoughts and trying to get a theme, or some ‘self-discovery’ going. I am not a scientist so I rely on my reading, media and observations about what hasn’t worked for myself and the battles of people I know who charge at the chocolate covered windmill.
How have I gone this week?  Hehehe--- you will have to wait until the week ends eh. I shall try not to lie about what I have eaten.

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