Friday, August 5, 2011

Butt shot

Every so often I like to go and see my brother, Lyndsay in hamilton. Janice comes too,  and we like to enjoy a nice meal and a bottle of wine. We started off and stoped at Te Kauwhata and that  cafe in the main street. It has become a bit of a tradition; we alternate between the cafe (I think it's called City) and the herb gardens, when it's open in the Summer.
Everything was going to plan and we arrived on time at eleven. Lyndsay made us welcome as usual. The plan this time was to try out Janice's new pressure cooker. We had brought a bolar roast to test out in the cooker; supplemented of course by a Vila Maria premium wine. Nothing but the best for these ocassions.
I burnt the cabbage because the stove rings work sort of back to front-- age catching up there I think-- the stoves, not mine. Thank God for frozen veggies. I browned the roast in oil along with onions. The smell was devine. Once browned I added a cup and a half of vegetable stock and closed the lid. In the meantime, I cooked pototoe, carrot and parsnip chips in the oven. It's real simple, just cut, add some oil, salt and pepper and dried herbs and cook at 220c for 25 minutes.
I was enjoying a glass of wine while I watched the pressure cooker when all of a sudden I felt this sting. Shit--- had I been bitten by a white-tailed spider? I have never seen them at Lyndsya's place. Wham another one--- God was the place infested? NO--- I was been attacked by something qujite differnet. Take a look at the picture. I'll get the bugger back. Next time I go down there--- it's war!
By the way--- the roast bolar was magnificent; tender, juicey with a majic gravy. 9Not Magi).

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