Monday, July 11, 2011


Last week one of the ladies who regulalry walks with us had an accident. Sometimes as many as ten dogs join us on ojur hijinks around the bay. That must look both funny and intimidating to anyone trying to share the pathways.
The dogs (especially the younger ones) love to rush about chasing each other and causing mayhem. The inevitable happened and two of the more boisterous ones collided with one of the ladies and caused her bad lower leg and general injuries. She's all wrapped up in bandages of some sort and wont be right for mnay weeks. I felt really sorry for her and I know that she loves ot get her doggie out dfor the walks. She appeared back at the park yesterday and I was wandering across to see her while she sat on a big rock. Finn, Pacth and Perdy were running around like silly buggers, always happy to see oneanother. Two bad that I got in the way of their games.
Bang, crash and Oh bugger!  My turn. I felt myslef falling and imgaes of my mate's fate, crowded my head. Ifell on the sand, at a crazy angle. First-- 'I'm OK,' I thought, but then, 'Oh No.' I thought I had stuffed up my ankle, but there was a niggling pain in my knee. I managed to get myself, with help from two of my freinds to a rock, facing my already injured mate on the other rock in the distance. It felt most unnatural. I had the feeling that---'damn--- I'm not a srping chicken any more and all those things they say about 'falling' when you get a bit older and odder are true--- we don't bounce back like we used to. One friend went to her car and came back with Arnnica. I decided to rest while the others took all the dogs for the walk around the bay. The injured mate sat with me, but her dog soon returned; unwilling to leave her mistress. Perdy  wouldnt even contemplate leaving me--- so loyal and unexpected.
When the others copmpleted a circuit I said goodbye and hopped to my car. I went to the nearby medical centre, but in the end just got some pain killers. After a restless night and waking to realize that it's the knee that's causing the main problem. So today, it's off to the doctor and possible xrays.
On a finishing note. I love my friends. They were concerned and so helpful. One even texted me this morning, offering to pick up Perdy for a walk. Hopefully my visits to the bay will be back on soon, depending on what the doctor says later .

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