Monday, May 2, 2011

Bless our smallness

Yeah, I know--- the title just doesn't make sense. I was looking at one of the blogs I follow (Josie goes on the Road). Her pictues are so cool--- she really captures the moment, with a huge range of subjects. I hope she makes money from her pictures.
All of a sudden, the news came on and there was this damned tornado ripping through the North Shore suburbs. I know one person died and others were injured. It reminded me of the past few months; firstly the Pike River mine disaster with the 29 deaths, then the horrible earthqauke in Chrsitchurch. For us in NZ, it was massive.
Still----I'd rather be here than face the gigantic tornadoes that the USA is getting, or the Tsunami in Japan.
I think I will go back and look at Josie's pictures and get a bit of balance.

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