Thursday, February 10, 2011


I  have been back at work a week--- things are going fine, but I really look forward to me time with Perdy after work. I rush home and let her out and she now jumps in the car without a lead---- mmmm progress. She doesn't run up the drive; choosing instead to get in the car so that she can get to the beach at Onehunga quickly. One she smells the water in the little bay (lagoon) she starts panting with excitement. Once I have parked, I observe which doggies are there. There are a couple of dogs who for some reason seem to really go for her. They are big bullies--- about five times her size---- is it cause she is little or somehow gets them going. The vast majority of the dogs just love her, particularly the Retrievers and Labradors.
 Its so funny---I let her off once i know that the good dogs are there, and she bounces along, chasing the seagulls away as she goes and rushes up to the owner of her friends wagging tail and happy sounds predominating. By the time a catch up she is well into dogie heaven. What a site. Sometimes there are about six owners and nine dogs--- yes they come in couples or more for some owners. They play, chase and jump in the water.
  Perdy has only been swimming for a few weeks. She seems to love going in with a pair of lovely Labradors. She swims quite a way out---- what a sight--- her little head bobbing up and down, whilst always checking to see where I am. She can be over a hundred metres away form me but when I call--- she turns and comes back. That was one of my major fears with Jack Russels-- they really do have this stubborn streak that is not always conducive to obeying instructions. She really has put my mind to rest on that issue.
 Mind you, she did have her moment the other day when this big mean Boxer decided to chase her. Perdy took off--- for a while i thought she was heading for the car park and nearby road, but she swung around and ran way out onto the grass area. The owner finally caught her dog, while my new friends helped me to encourage Perdy to come back. One lady suggested |I open the car door and call her---- sure enough, Perdy came running back and jumped in. Great.
 I have to mention what one of the naughty boy dogs did. The kids form Onehunga High were down there, practising their Waka Ama. They are great-- its so good to see kids happy and doing something other than walking the streets etc. They had packed all their gear under a tree. Well--- you can guess what happened. Yip--- you are correct. The naughty dog decided that their bags were just the thing to take a leak on.  MMM I'm so glad Perdy's a girl. She has far better manners.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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  1. Hi Neil,

    I had a chuckle and Perdy is rather cute. I'm reading IT WASN'T ME so I was quite chuffed to see this.

    My weekend warmed up yesterday. I hope you had a good weekend, too. :)