Talk to Me by Neil Coleman

Garry is the enigmatic and popular host of a talk back radio show. Outside of work, Garry loves to take Spot, his crazy Jack Russell, to the park where they regularly meet up with a group of friends, both canine and human.

For two of those friends, what starts as a walk in the park turns sinister with the gruesome discovery of a body. Soon, talk back radio gets involved and things get totally out of hand.

Garry is drawn into a plot that threatens his close friend, secret meetings and plans are made to solve the mystery of the ‘body down at the lake’, and loyal listeners take sides as more and more people ring in to the radio station. But a common thread begins to emerge as Spot becomes enmeshed in the story.

Talk to Me is a tongue-in-cheek send-up of the talk back radio industry. It’s something a lot of us listen to—and almost as many deny they do. You will recognise the places and personalities. You’ll laugh, nod your head in agreement—and occasionally just want to reach in and ‘deal to’ callers as they rant about their favourite issues.

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