Roskill by Neil Coleman

When John is made redundant from his job in Christchurch he moves his family to Auckland. But things don’t go quite to plan. It’s not long before John’s change in behaviour puts his family at risk.

It’s a change that impacts deeply on his wife Moana and their children Lucy and James. It leaves Moana questioning the move, wondering what she can do and who she can turn to as she watches her family start to self-destruct.

And it prompts Lucy and James to seek their own solutions, some of which lead them down dangerous pathways and on to risky adventures. But, as in any ‘real’ group of teenagers, life isn’t just about problems with family and friends. It’s often full of courageous efforts and humorous moments.

Roskill is a book that is at once disturbing and hopeful. It shows how the scourge of ‘P’ (Methamphetamine) damages lives and draws innocent families into its web. It’s a story that we can see in every city and town in New Zealand and beyond.

Roskill is a must-read for parents and their teenage children, prompting much needed discussion about this disturbing and too-common issue.

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